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I love telling stories. And stories can be told in so many different ways. This can be an image video about your company. A company that you have built up yourself with a lot of passion, or one that has been part of your family since generations. But a good story can also just be a photography. Based on the well-known saying "A picture is worth a thousand words."


This is my passion. This is what I can do for you as a creator. Finding out what your story is, what your product should tell, or how you want to reach the people. And then there is the most important question: how do we want to approach it?


In the past years, I had the chance to realize a wide range of projects. Today, I can use my experiences with customers from the industrial, politics, music, or social media scene bundled for my projects. There are customers who are only looking for this one specific service, and others who prefer to have a full package. Both are available to you in a cooperation. Feel free to take a look at my website and get a personal impression of my previous work. If it convinces you, I would be very happy to tell together with you, your story.

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